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Safety procedures at Doris SPA in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

Based on the guidelines of the Minister of Health, Chief Sanitary Inspector
and internal security policies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, out of concern for the utmost care in the area of safety of guests and our employees, we have committed ourselves to comply with the following provisions of the principles prepared by us.




All our employees carry out a self-assessment of their health before coming to work in accordance with https://www.pacjent.gov.pl/koronawirus/sprawdz-objawy

In addition, each employee and employees of cooperating companies are required to:

  1. At the designated place of the Object of body temperature measurement using a non-contact thermometer for each person who is an Doris SPA Employee or Employee of our Partners.
  2. Our employees and employees of our cooperators are admitted to professional activities only when their temperature does not exceed 38 and they do not show other symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems.
  3. In the event of a temperature exceeding 38 ℃ or symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems, employees are not allowed to work and are advised to follow GIS guidelines.
  4. The management has been obliged to systematically verify the health of subordinate employees and provide assistance if necessary.
  5. We implement a security policy. For the sake of health of all of us, we obliged our employees to use personal protection equipment such as helmets, masks and gloves. We apply these principles depending on the job position.
  6. All our employees and employees of our cooperators use the indications for the systematic use of disinfectants during the performance of their official duties.
  7. We applied the principle of maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters between employees performing their official duties and we used the same distance for our guests.
  8. Provision of hand disinfection liquid for employees - easily accessible and visible dispensers in the back rooms, cloakrooms, etc.
  9. The introduction of additional disinfection of common spaces of employees - cloakrooms, social rooms and warehouses.
  10. Staying indoors where it is possible to 2 people and / or keeping a safe distance.
  11. Where practical and safe, we have modified tasks and processes to increase physical distances between employees, and where possible, we use telephones for communication.



  1. The use of face masks / helmets and gloves by hotel staff.
  2. Systematic disinfection of doors, door handles, reception desk area, handrails at the main entrance, terminals, room cards, sofas, armchairs, etc.
  3. Minimizing the time of the Guest at the reception, using disposable or disinfected pens.
  4. Providing hand sanitizer for guests in the reception hall.
    It is strictly forbidden for unregistered persons to stay in the hotel room.
  5. Making available for sale disinfectants, gloves and masks.
  6. In the event of a Guest with symptoms of illness, the Property reserves the right not to check-in.
  7. There is a maximum of 2 guests or a family standing at the reception counter.
  8. Introducing a limit on the number of people waiting in queues for reception in the hotel lobby. Adequate distance between guests in the queue - minimum 2 meters
  9. We encourage guests to make non-cash payments.
  10. Informing guests about the procedures introduced.
  11. The hours of the hotel day are 16:00 - 11:00.


  1. Mandatory disinfection of each room leaving by the Guest and ventilation for a minimum of 1 hour before accepting the next, during the stay after determining the hours in which the room will be available.
  2. Cleaning procedures, disinfection of equipment, furniture, door handles, TV remote control, fittings, handrails, ventilation of a hotel room adapted to epidemic needs.
  3. Removal of decorative elements from the rooms permanently.
  4. Room cleaning during stays takes place on the third day of stay or on request only during a long absence of the guest.
  5. Airing rooms, please leave windows ajar by hotel guests.
  6. Bedding and towels are washed at a minimum temperature of 60ºC with the addition of detergent.
  7. Do not use hotel blower dryers.
  8. Towels are changed at the SPA reception


  1. Providing hand sanitizer for guests at the entrance.
  2. Introduction of appropriate safety distances between tables / chairs.
  3. Each time disinfection of tables, chairs, menages, porcelain, trays, menu cards, etc., replacement of spacers, brewing cutlery, after each guest.
  4. The ability to measure the temperature (non-contact thermometer) at the guest's arrival in the catering area, in the case of low-grade fever and illness symptoms, the service prevents the guest from staying in the catering area. The procedure can be repeated - the employee decides.
  5. We use room ventilation.
  6. Meals served on site are brought on trays, which we clean and disinfect each time after use.
  7. Meals served takeaway lunch packages are issued without contact, on the counter in disposable packaging.
  8. The staff wears masks or visors and gloves, each time disinfecting hands after the service has been performed.
  9. It is required to disinfect the table each time after serving the guests of the catering establishment at the given table. After disinfection, the table should be marked "disinfected".
  10. Strict compliance with hygiene rules, good hygiene practices,
  11. Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, including taking care of adequate, clean and - if necessary - protective clothing,
  12. Permanent good hygiene practices (regular hand washing, abstinence from unhygienic behavior, e.g. sneezing or coughing, during production or contact with food, special care for toilet cleanliness, etc.).


  1. Hand washing instructions were posted in sanitary and hygienic areas.
  2. Regular disinfection of toilets. We use paper towels to wipe hands.
  3. The introduction of a restriction on the use of the Playroom - individual booking for hours with disinfection breaks, is set by the reception.
  4. Regular disinfection of all toys and provision of disinfectant dispensers for child carers.
  5. Regular disinfection of hotel elevators.


  1. Keeping a safe number of people waiting in the SPA & Wellness waiting room and the distance between them.
  2. Regular disinfection of all rooms, equipment, cosmetics packaging.
  3. The introduction of a safe distance between the stands for physical treatments, individual cosmetic and massage stands.
  4. The use of face masks / helmets and gloves by SPA & Wellness staff.
  5. A maximum of 4 people can be in the pool cloakroom at the same time, otherwise please wait in line while maintaining a safe distance.
  6. We limit patients' movement around the office to minimize the possibility of contact.
  7. Guests who are cold, with a cough, are not allowed for treatments, thermometers are available at the reception.
  8. Distribution during the visit to reduce the number of people in the office at the same time. Only as many guests as possible to serve in the office can stay in the office.
  9. The organization of the working mode is carried out taking into account the shift and rotation system so that employees working on a given shift do not mix. It is permissible for the same team to work all day.
  10. If possible, the day before the scheduled visit, the staff contact the Guest to confirm the visit and confirm good health, allowing the procedure.
  11. We have posted clear information at the entrance to the facility about the prohibition of using the SPA and Wellness Zone, including swimming pools and saunas of people with symptoms of any acute infection, primarily respiratory tract.

Guidelines for guests:

  1. Wear a nose and mouth shield and protective gloves (if possible due to the type of surgery).
  2. Do not use cell phones while the service is being performed.
  3. The guest comes to the treatment without accompanying persons.
  4. We will inform the Guest about the recommendation to have their own protective measures.
  5. We enable the guest to buy a mask.

Due to restrictions resulting from COVID-19, only guests of the hotel can use the Wellness Zone in DORIS SPA from June 6 until cancellation.
Until further notice, the sale of new passes is suspended.

It is necessary to maintain a distance of 2-meter distance between people standing in a queue and in the swimming pool environment, i.e. changing rooms, changing rooms, toilets, showers, paddling pool and maintaining a minimum distance of 2 m from other people, also while swimming in the pool.

Users at the entrance to the locker room are required to disinfect their hands.
In the case of a jacuzzi, when it is not possible to maintain social distance, it is recommended - to use individually or in several people who live together on a daily basis.


  1. Each time after use, disinfection of equipment made available to guests by hotel staff: including mats, sticks, etc.
  2. Guest hand disinfection in front of the entrance.


  1. In connection with the threat of COVID -19 virus, the Management has the right to suspend or limit services that would increase the threat to Guests and Doris SPA Staff.
  2. We disinfect hotel equipment made available to guests (bicycles, Nordic walking poles) after each use.
    Towels are changed at the SPA reception.
  3. Professional cleaning agents are dosed precisely.
  4. Conducting an information campaign for guests regarding special precautions.
  5. A room is prepared for the possible isolation of a person with suspected illness.
  6. Application of recommendations according to GIS and WHO recommendations.
  7. Contact to the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Kołobrzeg: tel. 94 352 35 54

Emergency numbers of the State Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Kołobrzeg:
tel. 694 493 755 and 692 416 706 (in emergency)
National Health Hotline phone number: 800 190 590.

Reservation, advance payment, accommodation or use of any Doris SPA services is equivalent to acceptance and compliance with these Procedures.


Preventive procedures: suspected employee coronavirus infection.

  1. Workers / service staff should be instructed that in the event of disturbing symptoms they should not come to work, should stay at home and call the sanitary-epidemiological station, infectious department, and in case of deterioration of health call 999 or 112 and inform you that they may be infected with coronavirus.
  2. It is recommended to keep track of the information of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Minister of Health, available at gis.gov.pl or https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/, as well as applicable law.
  3. In the event of worrying symptoms suggesting coronavirus infection in an employee performing their tasks in the workplace, they should be immediately removed.
    employee from work and return by individual transport (own or sanitary) to the house or, if this is impossible, the employee should wait for transport in a designated room where it is possible to temporarily isolate from other people.
  4. In the event that it is not possible to dedicate a room to a person suspected of being infected, a place should be separated in which the person will safely wait for transport at a distance of at least 2 from other people.
  5. It is necessary to suspend the reception of customers, notify the local poviat sanitary and epidemiological station and strictly follow the instructions and instructions given.
  6. It is recommended to determine the area in which the employee has moved and stayed, conduct routine cleaning in accordance with the procedures of the office, and disinfect the touch surfaces (door handles, handrails, handles, etc.).
  7. It is recommended to follow the recommendations of the state poviat sanitary inspector when determining whether additional procedures should be implemented taking into account the case.

Procedures in the event of a suspected coronavirus infection in the guest / client.

  1. If there are clear signs of illness, such as persistent cough, malaise, difficulty in breathing, a person should not be allowed into the premises. She should be instructed to report to the nearest infectious ward as soon as possible to consult a physician, by going there by her own transport or by notifying 999 or 112.
  2. Reporting the incident to the facility management, which will allow staff to determine the area in which the person was moving and staying, perform routine cleaning in accordance with the facility's procedures, and disinfect the touch surfaces (door handles, handrails, handles, etc.).
  3. Establishing a list of employees and customers, if possible, present at the same time in parts / parts of the premises where the guest stayed, and recommending compliance with the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector available at gov.pl/web/koronawirus/ and gis. gov.pl, referring to people who have had contact with the infected.


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